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pocket filled with law swraw -- lava and heated on the sun. i am here with brooke goldstein, founder of the children's rights institute, as if they need any. and director of the law fare project. and he is considered one of the funniest comedians working the circuit today. enough about chris rock. his latest cd is called image makeover, and it is selling dozens of copies. and he puts the mess in method acting. it is bill shultz. and he is so sharp that goth use him to self-mutilate, rick eleven ven that will. and he is a pile of goo that lines cages at the zoo. good to see you, pinch. >> today in critics picks, al scott explored the themes that arise in the 1985 sci-fi comeed duck dash comedic masterpiece "back to the future." the appropriate question is not where the hell is he, but when the hell is he? einstein is the world's first time traveler. >> that was impressive. >> you are pretty impressive. >> do you do any other impressions? >> no, but a lot want a two-shot. that's tv terms when you and i are on the camera at the exact same time. >> now we will move them away. >>> so, sho
. and that's starting in half-hour. then rebekah brooks who used to run murdoch's british newspaper empire until last week will answer questions. a limited number of the public are being allowed in. people were lined up at 7:00 a.m. and the line stretched around the block trying to get a seat. the police are still also under allegation of corruption. this story has so many 10 kals, many threads of inquiry even as it involves police involvement. a news of the word reporter was found dead in his home yesterday. sean was the man who originally blew the whistle on his knowledge -- his allegation that former editor of the world andy coulson was very aware of phone hacking and encouraged it. that allegation is something coulson has denied. bill there are when the testimony from mr. murdoch and his son james get underway we'll take you to that room in london, england. jamie: we are just getting word that the fbi is searching homes of the suspected hacker group anonymous. the target said to be in their late teens to early 20s. we are told the hacking group inspired by wikileaks has defaced web sit
. and the police chief resigning following allegations of his involvement in the scandal. rebecca brook was arrested in london the former ceo of news international, owned by the parent company of the fox news channel and works for the form world of the news editor, and brook saying she voluntarily went to the police to assist with their investigation into allegations that news of the world employees hacked into voice mail of people whom they were covering. our correspondent, amy kellogg has more from london. >> yes, rebecca brooks said she went to the police by appointment and ended unarrest with the hacking scandal and involved not only the media, but certain members of the government accused to be too close to the powerful players in the media and even police accused of taking bribes to get information to the news of the world journalist and the head of scotland yard resigned without warning and police were under attack for hiring the news of the world editor was a consultant and arrested on friday. the metropolitan police commissioner said though he had nothing to hide. he thought th
of a parliamentary committee investigating the news the world phone hacking scandal in the usa. rebecca brooks, former executive chief at news international also answered questions from the same committee and she was arrested sunday in relation to the phone hacking and bribery aleses. miss brooks was released without being charged. both sections receiving major media coverage in the u.k. and here in the states and we should note that news corporation is the parent company of fox news channel. rich, let me start with you. we heard the sound bite from rupert murdoch during the testimony, saying, hey, this is getting the attention it's getting because of our competitors who would love to see us fail. does he have a point. >> yeah, i think it plays into it. to me reminds me of the valerie plame flap, disproportionate primarily driven by politics. especially the coverage in the united states. the new york times the other day had two front page side by side lengthy stories about something going on in britain. to do that otherwise, you would need the queen to abdicate and the plague to hit london. cl
on the face of it, that the news of the world was sacrificed in order to try and protect rebekah brooks' position at news international >> i advocated at the time that this was a step we should take. this was a paper and a title that had fundamentally violated the trust of its readers, and it's something that was a matter of great regret, real gravity, but under the circumstances, and with respect to the bad things that certain of the things that happened at the "american's "nee world" some years ago, it was the right choice for the paper to cease publication. it is important to note and i want to be clear with the committee on this. that the company is doing everything it can to make sure that journalists and staff at the "news of the world" who had nothing to do with any of these issues, who are completely blameless in any of these things, and many are, you know, really have done tremendous work journalistically, that we find reemployment for them anywhere we k. the company is being as generous as we can under the circumstances. the company is being as thoughtful and compassionate for
, rebekah brooks. she was arrested by police today in connection with conspiracy, conspiracy to intercept communications and corruption. rebekah brooks resigned her post friday as the chief executive of news international. representative for brooks told me that she had a prearranged appointment. a meating with police today -- meeting with police today but was surprised when she was arrested. her spokesman went on to say she had been advised she was not on the police's radar screen in connection with the investigation. she had been offering since january to be questioned by police but was told it wouldn't be necessary. they are supposed to testify to a committee on tuesday, a committee she testified in 2003 where she did admit giving police money for information. >> for information in the past. >> it's not clear whether or not brooks will show up at the committee meeting on tuesd tuesday. it cost two top executives, brooks and les hinton, the ceo of dow jones resigning on friday. the 168-year-old news of the world tabloid closed down last week and news corp dropped the bid to buybskyb. mur
for investigation on potentially news worthy stories. on friday, rebecca brooks, the chief executive of newscorp's newspaper unit, news international which publishes the times and the sun, resigned, saying, as chief executive of the company i feel a deep sense of responsibility for the people we've hurt and sorry for what we now know to have taken place. newscorp is the parents company of fox news channel. the chase involving the 13-year-old girl that got the investigation rolling or people steamed. >> i agree, it was outrageous p and the way you detailed it there, the family had false hope. whatever criminality might be there, it's incredibly immoral and the people who did it shouldn't be called journalists. >> jon: there's a full page apology from rupert murdoch, reading we are sorry and the news of the world was in the business of holding others to account, it failed when it comes to itself. we are sorry for the serious wrongdoing that occurred, we are deeply sorry for the hurt suffered-- . >> this is the latest case of piling on since the last rugby came. the left has been out to get newscor
of the world." >> thank you. >> miss brooks, rupert murdoch in his evidence session said the responsibility for the closure of "news of the world" laid fairly and square leon the management of the newspaper, which would include you. is that the case? >> i think i may have missed that part of the evidence. i think mr. murdoch said is exactly how it was. it was a collective decision. we all talked together, and mr. murdoch was in with the board at the time, >> yes, rupert murdoch, yes. >> during the private session i think you said something like there was more to come. would you like to expand what you meant by that? >> when i went down to the newsroom to explain the decision, and clearly and quite rightly the journalists on the "news of the world" who are very honorable and journalists who will been putting out a newspaper under the scrutiny for a longtime and with great pride in their newspaper were very sad and baffled by management's decision to close the paper. what i was saying to them is that right now you may not be able to right at this moment understand why we've done it, but i thi
rebecca brooks announced her resignation. she was editor of news the world. rupert murdoch apologized for serious wrongdoing in a full page ad. news international is owned by news corp. a parent company much fox news we have serious heat advisories. meteorologist maymariah molina has more. >> good to see you. we have a heat wave in transmittal portions of the u.s.. i want to point out. we have a new storm system arrive negligent pacific northwest and bringing cooler in seattle. today's high only 68 degrees. heading east bound and highs in the 90s from rapid city to minneapolis and across portions of texas. dallas triple at 100 degrees . factor in the humidity and that's what we are talking about dangerous heat. there is a number of warnings stretching from north dakota and missouri and portions of congress congress and oklahoma. it is dangerous conditions with heat index up to 115 degrees. you need to take precautions and say hydrate lighter clothing and lighter colored clothing as well. temperatures will continue to heat up. we are talking about 99 in rapid city and nen in miles per
news of the world editor rebekah brooks also scheduled to be there. all this controversy has hurt news corps financially. the company's shares are down 4.3% today alone. and since the scandal broke, shares of nws, news corps class a have lost 17% of their value. overall loss on paper roughly $8 billion. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt live at our new york city newsroom on our parent company. back to the whistleblower's death, what precisely do we know? >> shep, sean hall was a former show biz reporter for the news of the world. he was the first journalist to formerly claim that former editor was aware of phone hacking by his staff. something colson has consistently denied. hall worked on the sun newspaper and the news of the world with colson before being fired for drink and drugs problems. he later went to rehab for addiction issues. hall previously told the "new york times" that colson actively encouraged his staff to intercept the phone calls of celebrities in the pursuit of excloives. after leaving the news of the world andy coulson was hired by david cammeron
brooks still being questioned. the newspaper was owned by news corp the parent company of fox news and senior foreign affairs correspondent amy legaling on is live. >> reporter: it mass affected the highest levels of news corp but also the british head of police. the police have been under fire for allegedly taking bribes bribes from news of the world jiorts and also employing a deputy editor as a consultant. he was arrested on friday. finally for not handling the phone hacking scandal thoroughly the first time around. >> as commissioner, i have ultimate responsibility we find our position in. with hindsight i wish we were involved in this affair differently. >> reporter: what many have called a shocking development, former head of rupert murdoch's newspaper group, rebecca brooks was arrested for conspiracy to intersected communications. she had an appointment with police around noon today. she went in and was arrested. that was about nine hours and spoke with scotland yard and they say she is still in custody. 43-year-old brooks had top echelon of tabloid journalism here and ran t
of questions about his relationship with a number of key figures," in the hacking scandal. including brooks, the former editor of "news of the world," and former c.e.o. of news corporation british arm arrested and questioned for nine hours on sunday. james murdoch who runs the international operation and is, of course, the son of news corporation c.e.o. and another former editor of the "news of the world," who the british prime minister hired as his communications chief. >> he must take responsibility for the decisions he made in relation to andy and the decisions he made around the contacts he had, for example, with james murdoch and brooks. a sensitive time in relation to the commercial bid for certain areas. >>jonathan: the prime minister called for an emergency session of parliament on wednesday to "make a further statement." and the assistant commissioner of london's police officer is the latest figure to resign in the wake of the scandal and he was the official who said two years ago that he saw no need to re-open the hacking investigation because he did not believe there was any new
arrest as p.r. consultant. rebekah brooks who le signed as the head of rupert murdock's empire friday was arrested by police sunday after she voluntarily gone in for questioning. she was released on bail. her lawyers say they now want answers about her arrest. >> the condition of rebekah brooks can be simply stated. she is not guilty of any criminal offense. the position of the metropolitan police is less easy to understand. >> reporter: the government remains potentially tainted as well with prime minister david cameron on official business in africa, again under pressure to explain why he hired andy colson as the chief of communication. he stepped down in january and was arrested last week. >> no one argued that the work he did in government in any way was inappropriate or bad. he worked well in government and he then left government. >> reporter: now, bret, after brooks' arrest on sunday, her appearance before a parliamentary committee scheduled for tomorrow to answer questions about the phone hacking was in jeopardy. but that is scheduled to go on tomorrow she will be there. along
" quit friday. and brooks resigned as chief executive of news international. two days later sunday brooks is arrested in connection to the scandal. it isn't just news corp executives resigning. two top british police officers have resigned. commissioner sir paul stevenson resigned sunday. today scotland yard's commissioner yates stepped done. there's more. former news of the world reporter sean hoare was found dead in his home today. he was the first to come forward. coulson has resigned as the prime minister's press secretary. police are investigating hoare's death saying it is not considered to be suspicious. investigators claim the tabloid hacked into the voice mail accounts of several high profile people and victims of tragedy. the controversy is not over. 9:30 eastern time tomorrow, rupert murdoch and his john james murdoch are scheduled to testify before members of parliament. brooks who is out on bail will also testify. we should remind you, news corp is the parent company of fox news channel. >> straight ahead, she was found hanging, nude, hand and feet both bound. it happened in
, after the murdocks finished testifying, it was the turn of rebekah brooks. she was the former chief executive of news international. she resigned last week. was arrested this past weekend. today, the commons committee asked her about the practice of paying private detectives. >> so it's safe to say you were aware of approved payment to private detectives. >> i was aware the news of the world used private detectives under my -- news of the world, yes. >> you would have approved payments to them. >> that's not how it works. i was aware that we used them. >> well, after today, tomorrow the spotlight will turn to the house of commons where british prime minister david cammeron will face questions about the phone hacking scandal and his association with news international executives. he had to cut short a trade mission to africa. he is now back in the country tonight. that hearing will begin late tomorrow morning, shep, and we should also mention news corps, of course, is also the parent company of the fox business network. >> shepard: ashley, some of the families of 9/11 victims here at
rebecca brooks announced her departure. allegations first emerged that reporters of news of the world hacked in private cell stories. rupert murdoch sayed that news of the world was in the business of holding others to account. it failed when it came to itself . we are sorry for the serious wrongdoing that occurred. we are dopely sorry for the hurt of the individuals. news of the world shut its doors last week. i am jamie colby. see you one p.m. east yern back to forbes on fox. keep it on fox. ♪ new group of critics coming out against the president's health care law. eight demdeps signing a bill to repeal the independent payment advisory board. that is 15 member panel of government appointees in charge of medicare costs. this is help to ration health care? >> this is rich with irony, innocent it? open secret of obama care how to lower end of life cost treatment and move that cost. government subsidized cost toward the young and uninsured. that's the deal, like it or not. for now, democrats who supported obama care complaining that this is going to happen is beyond the pale. >> mark,
including news world. hinton resignation came after rebecca brooks announced her resignation . news corp ceo rupert murdoch apologized for wrongdoing. he and his son james will testify before the uk parliment on tuesday. here in the u.s. the f.b.i. launched an investigation to find out if reporters tried to hack the phones of 9/11 victims i am uma, back in the top of the hour. stay with us. >> local government digging deep are in your personal love to get cash. a woman in michigan planting a vegetable garden in her front yard . san diego wants to tax pet owners 25 per cat. and right now they don't pay anything. uncle sam is scratching up. >> land of the free. remember that old chest nut. it is a money grab and property grab. the couple is planting tomatoes on their own private property. she wants her own cat it is not infringing on other people's right. why the government has to tax you in every exercise of your freedom i just don't understand. >> in san diego they want to tax each cat and the fear it will end up in shelter and it is a horrible idea. >> we have too many cat in shelters. i wo
brooks of the american enterprise says that. what do you mean it's the moral thing to do? >> when the other side talks about doing the moral things. it's only fair for rich people to pay more. it's only fair that we take from people who have more in society and unfair to actually cut programs, especially if they would affect anything less than average incomes. >> that resonates with people. there is a lot of money, redistribution is the moral thing to do. >> sure. in truth. that sounds good until you start thinking about what most americans think what fair is. redistribution is not the definition of fairness to most americans. most americans think that fairness has do with keeping what you earn. that doesn't mean you have to penalize four people or take money away from those that don't have enough. but it's not fair to take more away from people just because we can. we are robbing our future because we have a spending disorder in our government it's really immoral to be stealing away from future generations, pursuit of happiness simply because we can do that. the government today
of people they were covering. rebekah brooks the former rebekah brooks the former here's a look at highlights from today's hearing. >> mr. chairman, thank you. i would like to say just how sorry i am and how sorry we are to particularly the victims of illegal voice mail interceptions and their families. it is a matter of great regret of mine, my father's and everyone at news corporation. and these are standards, these actions do not live up to the standards that our company aspires to, as we are around the world. it is our determination to put things right. make sure these things don't happen again. and to be the company that i know we've always aspired to be. as for my comments and my statement which i believe was around the closure of the news of the world newspaper -- >> before you get to that. i would like to say one sentence this is the most humbled day of my life. thank you. >> do you accept that ultimately you are responsible for this whole fiasco? >> no. >> you are not responsible. who is responsible? >> the people that i trusted to run it and then maybe the people they
and miss brooks, one morning, called the board of new corporation to seek their agreement. >> you have suggested it is because you felt ashamed. there is not a suggestion it was a commercial decision to decide to close "news of the world." >>shepard: the c.e.o. told lawmakers he had "little" direct involvement with "news of the world," coming down in defense of his company as a whole and his own role in the scandal. >> ultimately you responsible for the whole thing? >> no. >> you are not responsible? >> no. >> who is responsible? >> people that i trusted to run and, then, maybe the people they trusted. allow me to say something, as this is not an excuse, maybe it's an explanation of laxity, "news of the world," is less than 1 percent of our company and i employ 53,000 people around the world and we do proud, great, and ethical and distinguished company. >>shepard: he addressed reports that employees hacked into the phone of victims of 9/11. >> we have seen noest of that at all and as far as we know, the f.b.i. hasn't. if they do, we will treat it exactly the same way as we treat it her
their jobs but rebecca brooks the woman who ran the paper at the time, milly dowler's phone was hacked was still employed at the head of rupert murdock british newspapers there was public pressure on her to go. today she went. in a statement, brooks said as chief executive of the company i feel a deep sense of responsibility for the people we have hurt. i want to reiterate how sorry i am for what we now know to have taken place." the latest resignation comes from dow jones ceo les hinton a long time news corp executive who ran the british newspaper group in much of the time of the hacking. murdock said he accepted the resignation with a heavy heart saying few people had given more to the cane than les hinton in london, amy kellogg, fox news. >> bret: more on this story with the panel. the astronauts aboard the space station got up a little earlier than they planned today. a bit later, they took an important phone call from earth. correspondent kris gutierrez tells us who was on the other line. >> reporter: from the oval office, president obama made a special phone call today. >> hello,
-old rbekkah brooks is reportedly question of suspicion on intercepting communications and corruption. allegations first emerged last week that reporters of news of the world hacked into the private cell phone accounts for stories of individuals, and the paper shut its doors last week and it was owned by news corp., the parents company of fox news. ♪ >> eric: there are just 16 days to go, just a little over two weeks, before the nation finally reaches that debt limit. the house republicans are pushing a vote on the plan they call cut, cap and balance. and that would limit government spending and the country's debt to a percentage of the gdp. but would it also require a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. this morning, on fox news sunday, maryland democratic congressman chris van hollen said he has big problems with that. >> what they are proposing is to manipulate the constitution and use it to impose the republican budget plan, and if you look at that plan it does end the medicare guarantee and slashes medicaid and slashes deeply into education, and, it protects tax brea
in the wake of the investigation . since then several people have resigned, including rebecca brooks who was the news of the world editor when the phone hacking took place . also les hinton stepped down. he over sea the -- he was ceo and pubbler of the wall street journal . both are owned by news corp. they found no evidence of wrong doing in the journal or dow jopes. >> we hear warnings of traveling to mexico. if you are thinking of venturing south of the border and he posted an ad looking for a roommate and now there is no sign of amy. why relatives say there is a connection between her disappearance and a popular on line site . this man accused of murdering a retired army sergeant escaped custody. wait until you see how he managed to get away in the first place. stay with us. where do you go to find a super busine? you know, the ones who do a super job? superpages.com®. for local maps, reviews and videos & it's the only local search site with the serguarantee®. so next time, let the good guys save the day. get the superguarantee®, only at superpages®. in the book, on your phone or
corp ceo and chairman rupert murdoch, his son james and former international head rebecca brooks will be grilled by parliament today in the u.k. over the phone hacking sandal. the hearings will be broadcast on fox newschannel. news international is owned by our parent company. they arrested a guy that tried bringing four pounds of meth into the united states inside his motorcycle helmet. in a separate incident, agents arrested a mexican woman for allegedly stuffing six pounds of meth in her brazeer. oh, boy. >> atf acting director kenneth melson claims the department of justice stonewalled congressional investigators into the failed fast and furious program to protect political appointees. the program put thousands of guns from the united states into the hands of mexican drug cartels and now an amendment that classifies data on those guns is sponsoring that event. it's named for a former u.s. representative from kansas' fourth congressional district and he joins us right now in washington, d.c. congressman, what bothers you most about this? >> well, what bothers me most is that
as the chairman of the british u.k. parent hours after chief executive rebecca brooks announced her resignation. allegations first emerged last week that reporters of news of the world hacked into private cell phone accounts for stories. news corporation ceo rupert murdoch issued a statement running in britain's national newspaper, apologizing for any wrongdoing. british police say they've recovered names of 3700 potential victims. shutting its doors last week, it was owned by newscorp, the parent of fox news. we'll keep you updated on any developments. we'll send it back now to cavuto on business, right here on the fox news channel. >> 8 billion dollar a year for parent security including patdowns, on babies? now congress slamming the tsa this week after a new report, detailing that while infants were getting the third degree, there have been 25,000 security breaches at airports since november of 2001. calls now growing to it take airport security out of hands of the government to put airport security in the hands of the private sector, charlie. >> you know, sounds good to me. they can't-- i j
after chief executive brooks announced her resignation. allegations he emerged that reporters of the news of the world hacked into private cell phone accounts for story and rupert murdoch issued a statement running in britain's national newspapers, apologizing for serious wrongdoing and british police say they've arrested at least seven people in the phone hacking investigation and recovered a list of 3700 names of potential victims. news the world shut its doors last week, owned by newscorp, the parent company of fox news. i'm jamie colby, more developments as they happen. now back to bulls and bears only here on the fox news chann channel. >> brenda: consumers feeling down, with prisses on almost everything going up. general mills the late he is to warn of price spikesen it's not just food. cars, clothes, health care, you name it, all up last month. eric, how bad is it going to get? >> going to get a lot worse, brenda. only three ways out of it. if you print money you can do qe3 or whatever to pay some of the debt. prices go up because you devalue the dollar. if you borrow f
officials in connection with this case. then rebecca brooks, until recently the head of rupert murdoch's british newspaper group arrested yesterday in connection with conspiracy to intercept communications and corruption, alleged payments to police for information. she was released on bail. her lawyers claim she is innocent of any crimes. finally david cameron in africa to drum up business for british companies, cut that trip short and being forced to defend his hiring of andy colson of his chief of communication. colson resigned in january, he was arrested and released last week. >> no one has argued that the work he did in government was in any way inappropriate or bad. he worked well in government, he then left government. >> reporter: rebecca brooks, rupert murdoch and his son james who is also a top news corp. executive are going to be meeting in the parliamentary committee tomorrow answering questions about phone hacking and the alleged payments to police. the parliament is convening an emergency session wednesday to decide how to best deal with this ongoing situation. that is th
furious at what happened. they had been calling for rebecca brooks, who was the editor of the newspaper who allegedly hacked in, calling for her to resign. she didn't at the time. only 11 days later that she resigned. the reason that the parents were so angry is that while their child was missing, they had been calling and calling her mobile phone, leaving message, begging her to get in contact with them. that filled up her voice mail. whenever anyone calls, it says this mailbox is full. news of the world's journalist hacked into that phone, listened to the messages and deleted them. which meant when the family got in later on, they believed millie listened to them and then deleted them. they believed she was still alive and it gave them false hope because she was not still alive rupert murdoch apologized. this is not over yet. rebecca brooks, james murdoch and rupert murdoch have been summoned to appear before what's called is select committee. then mp's will be able to ask them many questions about the actions of the journalists working for one of their newspapers at the time. it's th
. a man also arrested in connection with the phone hacking scandal. rebecca brook arrested when she went into see police by appoint. and ended up under arrest. police face serious questions about why she was arrested on suspicion of phone hacking and bribery. she has not been charged. cameron on a trip to drum up business opportunities for britain in africa forced to defend himself for his close relationship with andy coulson. >> no one argued the work he did for government was inappropriate or bad. report very jamie brooks will answer questions tomorrow before a parliamentary committee. jamie: there is an intense search underway. two people are still missing. their boat capsized in lake michigan. 8 people were onboard that vessel at the time. take a look at video of the race. we are told a good samaritan helped rescue six others. they are searching for the two that are still missing. the crew of a competing book notified the coast guard that the sailboat had capsized. bill: some tall bolts there on lake michigan. we'll reach out to the coast guard and bring them on tv. jamie, just a few
. arthur brooks of the american enterprise institution says that. whew do you mean it is the moral to do? >> hi john. people say it is only fair for rich people to pay more and it is fair to take from people who have more in society and unfair to cut programs especially if they would affect anybody who has less than average incomes. >> and that resonates with people that there is a lot of money and redistribution is the moral thing to do. >> sure. this truth that sounds really good until you start thinking about what most americans think fair is. redistribution is not the definition of fairness to most americans. most americans think that fairness has to do with keeping what you earn. doesn't mean you to penalize poor people or take money away from those that don't have enough but it is not fair to take more away from people just because we can especially when we are robbing our future because we have a spending disorder in our government. it is immoral to be stealing from future generations and taking away their pursuit of happiness because we can do that. the government is treating ame
-time editor rebekah brooks. she left her position of the british news corp division following corruption allegation and today said she was unaware of wrongdoing. >> i never paid a policeman myself. i never knowingly sanctioned payment to police officer. >> still, the focus of today remains her former boss rupert murdock. asked whether he, too, should resign, he said others at the paper in question betrayed him and the company. >> [ inaudible ] i'm the best person to clean this up. >> according to the set van newspaper man rupert murdock, maybe one of the biggest sins in this is the betrayal of the readers' trust. one of the aims again in his words restoration of that trust. bret? >> bret: greg palkot live in london. greg, thank you. senior political analyst brit hume has analysis of this day and this scandal. good evening, brit. >> hi, bret. the word "scandal" classically refers not to wrongdoing itself but the uproar and outrage that occurs when wrongdoing is discovered. scandals can be extremely damaging. the longer they continue the worse the daniel. but there is a distinct pat attorn
it quits today. brooks the chief executive officer of the u.k. unit submitted her resignation the editor when employees there allegedly hacked into the voice mail of a teenaged murder victim. and les hinton resigned from his current job at dow jones. news corp is the parent company of this network. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to on the record. for your latest headlines log on to foxnews.com. >> as to the charge of first degree murder verdict as to count one we the jury find the defendant not guilty so say we all orlando, orange county, florida on this fifth day of july 2011 signed foreperson. >> greta: casey anthony will soon be walking free many the jury found her not guilty. now you hear from her defense -- her defense attorney cheney mason. we interviewed one of the jurors, the foreperson watch he said was the reason behind the finding was the prosecution couldn't prove to them beyond a reasonable doubt the cause of death. i asked him to explain this duct tape. because it has hung up a lot of viewers. could you explain to me, we don't have the photograph. where was the duck tape o
people have stickers in their windows. brook lib district attorney joe heinz started that program and it exists in brooklyn. it's called safe haven. it's exactly what you just said. every sticker in stores brooklyn ada, safe haven, you can come in here and be safe. joe heinz, the brooklyn ada has put -- d.a. has put his top prosecutor on the case. she is a no nonsense prosecutor. what people should feel slightly comfortable with is statistics show that the 10% of the time that the insanity defense is successful, those people are incarcerated for a longer amount of time than people who get convicted of murder in second degree and serve 25 years to life. >> be that -- that is true by the way. i think that the family, the community, the people out there, they don't want the insanity defense. they want to say look this is an individual who knew what he was doing. when you say that someone is insane, you take away responsibility. you say well, you know, the guy didn't know what he was doing. he knew precisely what he was doing. he picked up an 8-year-old child in the sleep took him to
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, it is the moral thing to do. arthur brooks of the american enterprise institution says that. whew do you mean it is the moral to do? >> hi john. people say it is only fair for rich people to pay more and it is fair to take from people who have more in society and unfair to cut programs especially if they would affect anybody who has less than average incomes. >> and that resonates with people that there is a lot of money and redistribution is the moral thing to do. >> sure. this truth that sounds really good until you start thinking about what most americans think fair is. redistribution is not the definition of fairness to most americans. most americans think that fairness has to do with keeping what you earn. doesn't mean you to penalize poor people or take money away from those that don't have enough but it is not fair to take more away from people just because we can especially when we are robbing our future because we have a spending disorder in our government. it is immoral to be stealing from future generations and taking away their pursuit of happiness because we can do that. the gove
, his son, james and brooks will all appear before a parliamentary committee tomorrow to answer questions about phone hacking. fox will be providing quite extensive live coverage of that event and on wednesday there is an emergency session of congress called. that is to address the issue of phone hacking in the greater scandal that has engulfed this nation. >>stuart: thank you, amy, from london. the president calling business leaders to the white house today asking them to pony up for his >>guest: program. my guest on that is next. theser with software that has the ability to save your life. that's magical software. [ male announcer ] the innovation, the engineering of mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >>stuart: president obama just wrapping up a meeting with top c.e.o.'s in america and asking them to make investment in the education initiative. my guest was in that meeting, state farm chief executive ed rusk. >>guest: our conversation was continuing the engagement of the business community around driving the important intersection of education, workforce development, and econ
brookes head of rupert murdoch's empire was arrested friday but released on bail after nine hours of questioning. >> the position of rebecca brooks can be simply stated, she is not guilty of any criminal offense. the position of the metropolitan police is lessees i to understand. despite arresting her yesterday and conducting an interview process, lasting nine hours, they put no allegations to her and showed her no documents connecting her with any crime. they will in due course have to give an account of their actions, and in particular their decision to arrest her with the enormous reputational damage that this has involved. >> reporter: jenna, there had been some question as to whether or not brookes after this arrest would be able to testify before a parliamentary committee tomorrow. that has all been cleared now. she is out on bail. she will be testifying before that committee tomorrow. as will rupert murdoch and his son james, here in london in the afternoon. that is latest from here, back to you, jenna. jenna: we'll continue to watch the developments, amy thank you very muc
. nine days to to go before the august 2nd deadline what now? brooks the co-sponsor of the cut cap and balance act of 2011. good grate to have you in today, thank you. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> shannon: it got to the senate and no further. what's next it? >> may go further. we have to wait and see. senate or the white house proposes something. and has as of today. they have proposed nothing that's in the legislative form that the public can examine. determine the merits of. cut cap and balance is the only game in town how do you respond tom their criticism that republicans imposing budget tear philosophy to everybody else on capitol hill. >> that's what's it is supposed to be. we are supposed to share our belief system in the legislation that we sponsor. so that should not strike anyone as abnormal. but let's look at the merits of it. cut, we're only cutting $111 billion when we have got a 1.5 trillion-dollar problem yet the democrats holler that's too much. that's only a 7% or 8% solution. you have got a cap to try to get the amount of government spending to historical levels.
executive brooks announced her resignation and allegations first emerged last week that reporters of news of the world hacked into private cell phone accounts for stories. news corporation's ceo rupert murdoch has issued a statement, running in britain's national newspapers, apologizing for any serious wrongdoing. british police say they've arrested at least seven people and have recovered at least 3700 names of potential victims, news of the world shuts-- shuts its door last week, shut its doors last week and it was owned by news corps, the parent company of fox news. >> there are protesters ratcheting the up the pressure on syrian president assad with a series of major rallies across that country. but the government is fighting back. activists claim security forces killed at least 28 people yesterday during the largest demonstrations since this uprising began. rina ninen is covering all of it live from jerusalem. tell us about the new protests. anything different? >> despite the government crackdown it's pretty amazing that people are still turning out, in fact, in the largest numbers
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it with peter brooks, he's a former cia officer and heritage fellow, a graduate of the naval academy. peter, so many strange aspects to this case. we can say, you know, great, investigators put the pieces together, and thank god for that alert clerk at the gun shop who noticed this guy acting oddly and turned him in, and yet, you know, absent one of those connections in the chain this could have been a terrible event all over again. >> yeah, i mean clearly, jon, he was a l orbs ne wolf. they are not necessarily associating with other khrab ra tores. if it hadn't been for this vigilant alert citizen reporting to the police we might have had a terrible tragedy. the other thing that really bothers me about this is the association with al-qaida in the arabian pennsylvania. we will learn a lot more about this case in the coming days, but it appears that this potential terrorist had in his possession an article from an online magazine put out by al-qaida in the arabian pennsylvania, which is probably the most active, the most dangerous affiliate of al-qaida today. it basically told him how to make a
and grandparents. >> reporter: but brooks and others note that programs like medicare are simply unsustainable having promised tens of trillions more than the government can possibly pay for. and social security faces 23% across the board cuts in 2036 when it can no longer pay full benefits. that's why brooks and others argue the most humane thing is to fix the programs so seniors aren't left in the lurch down the road the way people in greece are today which also built an unsustainable system of government benefits it could not pay for. martha: there may be a lesson in the future on that situation. thank you very much. there is a new warning today on the u.s. economy, and it again involves back to the housing market, folks. we are going to find out what is causing the latest very disappointing trend that you need to know about with regard to your home. and seven teenagers rushed by a grizzly while hiking lieu the alaskan wilderness. we will talk to one of the people who helps run that program in ten minutes from now. >> i would say that it was just general chaos. i believe we startled the bea
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